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Frudia combines the power of fruit with modern science to create skin care products that revitalize and re-energize the skin. With their R VITA W™ technology, they extract seeds, juices and peels from fruit to preserve the nutritional properties of fruits. From hydration to brightening, pore control to nutri-moisturizing, Frudia offers a range of skin care lines that target specific skin concerns. Try their best-selling Blueberry Hydrating Intensive Cream or Citrus Brightening Toner for glowing, nourished skin.

    Frudia is a Korean skincare brand that has combined the power of fruit with modern science to create products that revitalize and re-energize the skin. The name Frudia comes from the words "fruit" and "dia," which is a Greek word that translates to "by" or "of." The brand discovered that true beauty can come from the naturally occurring antioxidants found in fruits, which led to 30 years of dedicated research.

    Frudia's R Vita W technology is the secret behind the brand's successful delivery of the benefits of fruits to the skin. The low-temperature process to extract seeds, juices, and peels from fruit helps minimize the loss of nutritional value. This process results in a 100% fruit base for Frudia's skincare products instead of a purified water base.

    The brand offers four different skincare lines that target specific skin concerns, including hydration, brightening, pore control, and nutri-moisturizing. Depending on what you need, Frudia has something to meet all your skincare needs.

    The Blueberry Hydrating Line is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. All products from this line contain blueberry extract, which deeply hydrates the skin. The line includes a cleansing balm, facial cleanser, toner, serum, face mask, and moisturizers. The Blueberry Hydrating Intensive Cream is one of the brand's bestsellers, keeping the skin moisturized for up to 72 hours. The Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm is another best-selling item that nourishes the lips and instantly plumps them.

    The Green Grape Pore Control Line helps improve the appearance of large pores. The line includes the Green Grape Pore Control Mask, infused with green grape juice that purifies pores and controls excess sebum. The Green Grape Pore Control Serum contains a more concentrated amount of green grape juice that helps tighten enlarged pores and reduces excess sebum, particularly around the T-zone areas.

    The Citrus Brightening Line is perfect for those who want luminosity or are dealing with dark spots or pigmentation. The Citrus Brightening Toner is rich in vitamin C and helps fade spots, even out the overall skin tone, and give a glowing complexion.

    The Pomegranate Nutri-moisturizing Line is great for those who want to look young a little longer, especially in the winter. All products from this line are formulated with pomegranate extract, which nourishes the skin and keeps it firm. Pomegranate is high in antioxidants and protects the skin against damaging free radicals. The Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Sticky Cleansing Foam has a mochi-like texture that gets rid of all impurities and traces of makeup, leaving the skin nourished and supple. Follow with the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Toner and Serum to improve the skin's elasticity.

    Frudia's journey started when a researcher at Welcos who had studied the benefits of fruits for 30 years started to probe over an important question: how do you deliver the beneficial properties from fruits to the skin with minimal loss of nutrients? While travelling the world to find the answer, he discovered a workshop in Alsace, France, where jam was made without any added chemicals. He saw that the master crafter's hands were smooth, and the skin was exceptionally hydrated and soft. This led to the idea of replacing the water in cosmetic products with natural juice from healthy fruits.

    Frudia is a brand that believes in harnessing the true power of nature to create products that are effective and safe for the skin. The brand's commitment to using natural ingredients and innovative technology has made it one of the